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  • Name Of Seeds Bank: Green Smoke Room Seeds
  • Website: http://www.greensmokerooomseeds.com
  • Accepted Forms of Payment: Bank Transfer
  • Business Name (Operating As): Green Smoke room
  • Country Where Business is Registered: South Africa
  • Country Seed Bank Ships From: South Africa
  • Stealth shipping available: Yes
  • Country(s) Seeds Bank Ships To: Worldwide Shipping
Your Seed Bank Description

For those of you who have recently joined the Green Smoke Room seeds community, we would officially like to welcome you to the world of smoking pleasure! Green Smoke Room seeds is your Trusted online seedbank!

Green smoke room seed’s is here to make your life easier. We are logistics experts and we are available 24/7.

Our company mission and goals for all our websites is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework.

We believe cannabis genetics need to be preserved to ensure a diverse gene pool remains when politicians begin to better realise the therapeutic applications of cannabis and the possibility that the best way to minimise harm to individuals is through regulation of cannabis and its derivatives under a legal framework.

We, therefore, sell a diverse and increasing range of cannabis seeds for domestic preservation, encouraging customers to store seeds until a time when it is legal to grow them. We also sell products that can be used to help store seeds safer and for longer periods.

We believe that cannabis would be safer under legal regulation as it would be easier to impose age restrictions, to control potency and quality, and take earnings away from criminal gangs. Users/smokers would know more about what they are taking and would have a choice of strains and potency. We believe that the majority of people who use cannabis use it responsibly and need to be protected by the law not targeted by it.

Green Smoke Room Seeds Strains:
  • over 14000 strains

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  • To the moderators/ admin. Please rescind my previous rating / comments about green smoke room seeds. They contacted me to rectify my order. If possible please do not post my previous comments as I would like to check on germination rates ECT before posting a new rating.

    Los Herbo Hermanos
  • Massive selection of seeds from respected breeders, unfortunately their customer care & service leave way to much to be desired. I used them as they are local & even paid 1 third of my seed order price for delivery within 2-3 days. That was a week ago… 7 days of mailing & using their site contact us has left me with no replies, no seeds & no cash. My payment was electronic, immediate & done with proof of payment & seems to be all Green Smoke Room Seeds was interested in. I would recommend MCSB or Seed Supreme to anyone in South Africa looking for a serious, reliable seedbank & would strongly urge everyone to think twice before dealing with Green Smoke Room Seeds. One love.

    Los Herbo Hermanos

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