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  • British Columbia Seed Company
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  • The BCSC
  • The British Columbia Seed Company
  • Name Of Seeds Bank: British Columbia Seed Company
  • Website: http://thebcsc.com/
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  • Business Name (Operating As): British Columbia Seed Company
  • Country Where Business is Registered: Canada
  • Country Seed Bank Ships From: Canada
  • Stealth shipping available: Yes
  • Country(s) Seeds Bank Ships To: Worldwide Shipping
One of the most reliable seed banks in existence. A seed bank you can trust.
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British Columbia Seed Company Review. An outstading seed bank, the British Columbia Seed Company has massive repect and it’s one of Canada’s Oldest Seed Banks. They have been selling their original genetics since 1995. The BCSC has a dedicated and large repeat customer base because of their top notch breeding skills. They like to keep their strains as pure and well bred as possible.

Reviews From The BCSC Over 30,000 Customer Annually

With over 30,000 customers ordering their seeds every year, you’ll be spot on if you decide to order from large list of award winning BC strains.

British Columbia Seed Company Review

If you want to make sure your getting the best genetics for your dollar, give The British Columbia Seed Company your business. We know you’ll be back to try them all.

Couchlock is The British Columbia Seed Company’s Most Famous Strain

Couchlock is famous because it was the first strain ever released that was wheelchair weed, literally. Sure, lots of strains would hit hard, but for over 15 years, no pther breeder could match the potency and couchlock effect that the British Columbia Seed Company released. Twenty-two years later after it’s release, it’s still in high demand and hard to find in stock.


British Columbia Seed Company Review


Don’t forget about their other strains. Couchlock is their most recognized because of it’s logo with the skeleton locked on the couch. But not everyon likes the hardest body stone there is. They have so many strains to choose from and truthfully, they mastered each one to perfection.

Other Breeders Are Always Using Genetics From The British Columbia Seed Company

When other breeders and seed companies want to start their own breeding projects, they often start with genetics from The British Columbia Seed Company. Very stable and uniform growth, you couldn’t ask or find better parents.

British Columbia Seed Company Strains:
  • Afghaan Dream
  • Afghaan Kush
  • Baldy
  • Big Blue
  • Blaze
  • Bubble Funk
  • Cali Miss
  • Couchlock
  • Electric Haze
  • Fast Freddy
  • Five O
  • Heavy Duty Fruity
  • Indica Mix
  • Jack
  • Killin Gaberville
  • Maui Mist
  • Mendocino Madness
  • Northern Lights #5
  • Primo Mix
  • Purple Lightning
  • Sativa Mix
  • Stinky Pinky
  • Super Kush
  • Supreme Skunk
  • True Skunk #1
  • White Lightning

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