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Creator of the World's Strongest Strains
Your Seed Bank Description

Mr. BC Seeds has been a Cannabis Seed Breeder Since 1974. He opened the first Canadian Cannabis Seed Bank before the internet and he has been sharing his  genetics online since 1998.

Only BC Seeds can provide you with the worlds strongest cannabis seed genetics with the highest THC levels. Their THC is much higher than any other seed bank in the world.

Bc Seeds is also the leader in genetically modified coca seeds, namely the Drug Lord Coca strain which is more than times the yield per plant and 4x the potency. It also will grow no matter what the DEA sprays on it.

They also supply the world with high quality potent organic magic mushrooms. Famous for being happy trips be careful when trying their Fleinsopp Ego Death Cap Shrooms as it’s the only one with a higher risk for a scary trip.

Currently BC Seeds offers one strain of Salvia Divinorum seeds, the diviners sage. It’s the most potent Salvia strain on Earth. Trips are short compared to Shrooms, and they vary from person to person. Mostly used by those seeker deeper life meaning.

BC Seeds Review
  • BC Seeds Reviews


BC Seeds is the most famous seed bank in the world when they released their World's Strongest Strains in 2008. It was their strongest strains Elephant Bud, Oracle and Infinity Bud that set them as the top class seed bank on Earth. Before 2008, they were still North America's first and most popular seed bank. And now in 2017, they are the only seed bank that offers genetically modified cannabis strains. They created the most potent THC and CBD strains on Earth. Strains like Sky Heaven Bud, Never Dies Cannabis Plant, Forever Buds, Sea Walker Bud and Sky Haze Continuum Bud.

BC Seeds Strains:
  • Afghani Bud
  • AK-47
  • Alaskan Delight
  • Albino Rhino
  • All New White Widow
  • Altitude Bud
  • Annihilation Bud
  • Arthritis Bud Daytime
  • Arthritis Bud Night Time
  • BC Big Bud
  • BC Blueberry
  • BC Chronic
  • BC Da Purps
  • BC Hash Plant
  • BC Kush
  • IBL Breeders Pack
  • BC Skunk
  • BC1-K2
  • Berry White Elephant
  • Big Green
  • Big Momma
  • Blue Bud
  • Blue Dream
  • Blue Elephant Bud
  • Blue Elephant Outdoors
  • Blue Tooth
  • Blueberry Bud
  • Bruce Banner #3
  • Bubba Kush
  • Bubble Gum x AK-47
  • Burmese
  • Cactus Sweet
  • Cactus Sweet x BC Da Purps
  • Campfire Bud
  • Champagne
  • Cheese
  • Chem Dog
  • Chemo Bud
  • Coma Kona
  • Crystal Storm
  • Cupid Bud
  • Dessert Baking Bud
  • Durban Poison BC
  • Early Bud
  • Early Fatty
  • Elephant Bud
  • Elephant Narcotica
  • Elephant Purple
  • Emperor Cookie Dough
  • Euphoria Continuum Bud
  • Euphoria Rapido Fantastico
  • Euphoria Unlimited
  • Everlasting Elephant Bud
  • Fairy Land Bud
  • Fast and Furious
  • Fast Sweet Dreams
  • Forever Buds
  • Fuel Bud
  • G 13 Bud
  • g 13 x NL
  • Gaijin Ganja Bud
  • Galaxy God Bud
  • Godfather Bud
  • Green Crack
  • Hash Plant
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Hawaiian Snow Feminized
  • Heavy Duty Fruity
  • High IQ Bud
  • Ice Bud
  • Ice State
  • Indica 50
  • Infinite Bliss
  • Infinite Euphoria
  • Infinity Bud
  • Jack Frost
  • Jack Herer BC
  • Jedi 41
  • Jedi Death Star
  • JFK - Just Fu-ing Killer
  • Jumbo Shrimp Bud
  • Kali Elephant
  • Kali Mist x AK-47
  • Kali Mist x BC SAGE
  • Kali Skunk
  • King
  • Kish
  • Korean Skunk
  • Kush
  • La Niña Bud
  • Labrynth Bud
  • Lasqueti
  • Lavender Bud
  • Lemon Zesty Haze
  • Liberty Bud
  • Love Buzz Bud
  • Low Sweet Runner
  • LSD Bud
  • Master Kush
  • Mighty Mite
  • Mount Everest Skunk
  • Multiple Sclerosis Bud
  • Multiple Sclerosis Bud Mental
  • Multiverse God Bud
  • Never Dies Cannabis Plant
  • Northern Flame
  • Northern Lights
  • Northern Lights Classic
  • NYC Diesel
  • NYC Queen Bud
  • OG Tangerine
  • Oracle Bud
  • Orange Dream
  • Pender Isle
  • Pickle Bud
  • Pineapple Princess
  • Power Plant
  • Purple Princess
  • Purple Sativa
  • Purple Wreck
  • Quebec Gold
  • Queen
  • Realm Awakening
  • Red Elephant
  • Rock Bud x AK-47
  • Rock Haze Bud
  • Romulan x Cotton Candy
  • SAGE x AK-47
  • Sativa Sphynx
  • Sea Walker Bud
  • Shade Bud
  • Shit Bud
  • Silver Gorilla Fart #2
  • Skunk #1
  • Skunk Advanced
  • Sky Haze Continuum Bud
  • Sky Heaven
  • Sky Walker Bud
  • Snowball Bud
  • Sour Diesel Bud
  • Sour Diesel x Sweet Tooth
  • Space Time Bud
  • Space-Buzz Continuum Bud
  • Storm Trooper Bud
  • Strawberry Skunk
  • Super Shit Bud
  • Sweet Lights
  • Sweet Tooth Classic
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Texada Timewarp
  • Texada Timewarp Classic
  • Thumper
  • Tighty Whitey Bud
  • Train Wreck Bud
  • Train Wreck Feminized
  • Train Wreck x NL
  • Trichome Twister
  • UBC Chemo Classic
  • Ultimate Altitude Bud
  • Universe God Bud
  • Upstate Bud
  • Vampire Bud
  • Van Isle Classic
  • Warlock Bud
  • Weight BuZZsters Bud
  • White Demon
  • White Diesel Bud
  • White Russian Stoic
  • White Star
  • White Widow
  • White Widow Classic
  • White Widow x Sweet Tooth
  • WW x Thai Haze
  • Wrecked Elephant
  • Yumboldt Bud
  • Drug Lord Coca Seeds
  • Bolivian Coca Seeds
  • Chilean Coca Seeds
  • Colombian Coca Seeds
  • Ipadu Coca Seeds
  • Peruvian Coca Seeds
  • Truxillense Coca Seeds
  • Afghani Poppy Seeds
  • Australian Opium Poppy Seeds
  • Colombian Opium Poppy Seeds
  • Indian Opium Poppy Seeds
  • Iranian Opium Poppy Seeds
  • Russian Opium Poppy Seeds
  • Turkish Opium Poppy Seeds
  • Burma Shrooms
  • Fleinsopp Ego Death Cap Shrooms
  • Happy Shrooms
  • Hawaiian Shrooms
  • Mexicana A Shrooms
  • Norwegian Giant Blue Shrooms
  • Nova Scotia Shrooms
  • Penis Envy Shrooms
  • Psilocybe Cubensis
  • Puerto Rican Shrooms
  • Yamanga Shrooms
  • Sky Ladder Salvia Divinorum Seeds

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  • They have the highest qulaity genetics on their world’s strongest strains, I haven’t tried them all but I’ve tried 7 of them. Elephant bud is a bargin and a true champion.

    Allan Whalberg
  • If you order 3 strains or a total over $300 they throw in 30 high priced strains free. I ended up paying less than zero for my order as I flipped the 20 elephant seed I got free at retail prices and i got to keep my Oracle seeds and 10 of them as freebies. A bit of marketing to sort through and no guarantee what your freebies will be, but mine were all high end.

    John Fox
  • Fast shipping to my apartment in Ontario. My order was safely packaged and no seeds could of been crushed. The seeds were all viable, including my freebies. They delievered as I expected because their reviews are good eveywhere I looked.

  • Ive been a connoisseur home grower since before most readers here were born. I got the best strain from this seed bank and all their others are top grade. You won’t find a better place to buy seeds.

    Lance Peters
  • They came through for me in spring. Just harvested 3 of their strains, green crack, oracle bud and girl scout cookies. I haver to say all three strains are just the best and if you want the best you have to buy here. Just look for promotions and freebies, it really makes it a bargain to shop when you get $100’s of dollars in freebies.

    Aaron Jones
  • Merry Christmas BC seeds!

    For those on the fence to buy here, just do it, they’re a great seed bank. If you want the best genetics, they got them. And really fast delivery inside Canada. My orders always arrive in one or two days.

    Kim Watson
  • After buying their Elephant Bud in 2007, I’ve been growing 4 of their strains per year. It’s my hobby , gotta try them all. I’ve had over 60 of their strains and they keep coming out with more. I’ll tell you, no one else out there can breed the potency BC can. If you like growing like I do, then don’t waste your time growing from shitty seed banks and grow from the best. If you don’t know where to start, just start with their classic strains and then move on to their world strongest strains.

    sean coghlan
  • I ordered one of their world strongest strain called realm awakening bud in May 2017. I bought ten on sale but they sent 14 and they all germinated. I’m now getting ready for next year and will be buying more in February.

    Felix Simard
  • Got me some kush seeds a month ago. I ordered stealth and my order came in the mail and made it to the US. They all germinated and off and running, all 10 of ’em now, one took 36 hours to pop, but it catching up fast. the others popped in 24.

    Liam Dunn
  • Honestly man they’ve got the best genetics. The genetics from more branded companies don;t come close. If you don’t have the cash for their high price stuff, then just buy their other stuff because after you compute in the freebies, you’re getting a good deal.

    Roy Caron
  • BC seeds is my favorite breeder the past two decades. They never fail to come out with a new more extreme strain that I fall in love with. I used to buy their white widow 50 pack in the 90’s and now I’m hooked on their green crack, it’s way better than it sounds.

    Ian Beasley
  • Seems like you have to randomly be selected for “the privaledge to buy from us” list. I’ve never come across a more un professional site in my life. dont offer your products if you cant back them up. step up your game buys. the way you guys run things make you look not so smart

    mathew richardson
    • BC Seeds has been around for decades and there is a lot of frustration trying to acquire their genetics because they can’t keep up with demand and are often sold out with long waiting lists. This is a problem most seed banks wish they had. Other seed banks don’t care about quality. Good things come to those who wait.

  • I know the post was only two days which was nice because I didn’t stress too long about getting ripped off. I read some mixed reviews about BC seeds, but after some research I found that the haters hated the expensive prices on some strains and had never actually ordered. It seems everyone who did actually place an order were pleased with their purchase whether they bought an expensive strain or their lower priced strains. For me, I bought thier classic NL and thier elephant bud and after growing them I felt like I got more than I paid for becuase the freebies they sent were expensive strains. They hooked me up and I only have positive things to say about BC seeds.

  • It took awhile, but I managed to get on the waiting list for Sky Heaven seeds. Man, they sent me 30 free too. I ended up with 30k profit flipping the 30 seeds and antoher 26k on the bud from the 7 females i got growing out 10 seeds.

    George McGill
  • I live in Canada, so shipping times were just the next day. Your times may vary down South. I shop here to buy the best marijuana genetics in the world and I’m always happy with my purchase, no matter the cost

    Gary Richards

  • From all the seed banks I’ve used the past 15 years, bc seeds really stands out above the rest. They simply have the best marijuana strains compared to the rest of them. At least 10x better than any other seed bank. Keep the new strains coming and get the prices lower

    Hank Milner
  • This was my first time ordering and growing cannabis. It was for helping my mom beat breast cancer. We are both teachers and have never consumed cannabis before. Actually I still haven’t , my mom on the other hand smokes it and makes CBD cream from its oil. She swears by your CBDoc for her oil and your cheese strain for chemo relief

    Edward Spencer
  • BC seeds is the greatest seed bank in the world, when they have stock. They’re often sold out and I had to wait six month to get their realm awakening strain. But it is killer weed and beats anything else out there. I hope they can get their shit together and keep all their good strains in stock.

    Allan Dubois
  • Kandy Kush germination was no issues, they grew great. I haven’t tried to germ my freebies yet, but the seeds look healthy like they’ll crack no problems. They look the same as my Kandy Kush Seeds. Quality of strain is still unknown, but if my memory serves, they off to a strong start. These little seedlings are growing fast already.

    Greg Rawley
  • I love the selection of top strains they breed and they’ve always done right by me for years on about 6 orders so far. I always get extra freebies, more than expected and they even send me expensive strains free like elephant bud and oracle.

    Dan Reynolds
  • Ordering was a bit confusing when stoned, otherwise i got the best genetics in the world from this seed bank and I am very happy just how great their strains were including the freebies they sent me.

    Ted Arnold
  • seeds arrived after three days, i was worried because most people got their after a day or two. All the strains I grew were premium grade and i’ve ordered again today, some rainbow kush

    Stu Swanson
  • It was hard to follow their order instruction when I placed my order stoned. Other than that I had no issues and my freebies were an expensive strain which was appreciated and made my purchase a very good deal.


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